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Inconvenient to go to China Coatings Show? It is also a good choice to visit the official

2020 / 11 / 27

     The 2020 International Coatings Show will be held in Guangzhou from October 8th to 10th. As a grand event in the paint industry, many friends will participate in the exhibition or visit the exhibition. But this year due to the COVID-19 and other reasons, many customers were unable to go to this exhibition.

     But In order to deal with the COVID-19, the exhibition will also be held online this year. Friends who are unable to go to Guangzhou to visit this exhibition, can use the online invitation code of Zhangqiu Metal Pigment to participate in the online exhibition. 


     Our company will also participate in this exhibition this year. We have made sufficient preparations for this exhibition. I believe that Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment Co.,Ltd, as a 33-year old brand in the aluminum pigment industry, will also bring you a good experience and service.Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment Aluminum Paste has a complete product range and stable quality. In recent years, we have developed a variety of cost-effective products that meet market needs for automotive refinish, plastic, ink, water-based coatings and other applications. Welcome new and old customers send us inquiry and apply for samples!

     Metallic pigments are used in all areas of your production and life. If you are interested in the products of Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment, please pay more attention to the official website of Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment. We will update post frequently so that customers can learn more about us and find suitable product.

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