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Any Questions with Your Ink Printing?

2020 / 12 / 14

Aluminium Pigment and Bronze Pigment are widely used in ink printing. We have been developing  together with our ink customers for many years. This case explains and solves common problems encountered in ink printing.

Q1:The back of the print is dirty.

Reasons: The drying speed of the ink is too slow to be completely dried; The printing speed is too fast; The winding tension is too large or the printed products are stacked too high; The operating environment temperature is too high; The drying capacity of the printing machine is low.

Solution: Add a quick-drying solvent, or change the gold and silver oil formula; Reduce the printing speed; Reduce the winding tension or the stacking height of the printed products; Reduce the operating environment temperature; Increase the air volume and distance Infrared light intensity.

Q2: The paste version.

Reasons: The ink dries too fast, and it has been dried in the cell of the printing plate before it is transferred to the substrate material; The ink particles are too coarse; The printing plate is not cleaned in time, causing the residual ink to dry up in the cell. Clogging of cells; Dust, sand and other impurities are mixed into the ink.

Solution: Slow down the drying speed of the ink; Replace the ink; Clean the printing plate at any time; Filter the ink and cover the ink tank, while maintaining environmental sanitation in the production workshop.

Q3: Silver(Gold) inks is discolored or dull.

Reasons: Oxidation occurred after being placed for too long, or chemical reaction occurred when exposed to acid, alkali and other chemical substances: Printing speed was too fast; Cross color with other inks.

Solution: The ink is used as needed, and cannot be mixed too much each time; Reduce the printing speed; Prevent color crossover, once the color crosses, replace the ink immediately

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